Return Policy:

    1. 1. You can return the goods within 14 days from the day you receive the shipment from LOLIPARADISE.
    2. 2. Before the end of this period, send the purchased goods back to us along with the printed and filled return form available for download below (at the bottom of the page).
    3. 3. Remember to return the goods in the same condition you received them from LOLIPARADISE, with tags intact and free of any dirt.
    4. 4. Within 7 days of receiving the returned shipment, you will receive a refund from us.
    5. 5. We will refund you the equivalent amount of the returned goods, excluding shipping costs.
    6. 6. The goods should be returned to the following address:
    7. Recipient: LOLIPARADISE
    8. Address: Jagiellońska 78/52, 03-301 Warsaw, Poland
    9. E-mail:
    10. Phone Number: +48 539 298 085